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Paramount Services Achieves Total Compliance
with Industrial Waste Water Services

SamSam George, Plant Engineer, of Paramount Services, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama holds a beaker of treated water produced by their Industrial Waste Water Services Pretreatment System.

Paramount Services, Inc. of Birmingham, Alabama was being pressured by their county authorities to bring their wastewater into compliance or face future action. Paramount was also paying monthly surcharges.

Sam George, Plant Engineer, was given the task of evaluating waste treatment companies. George used his waste treatment background and explored many potential dissolved air flotation (DAF) suppliers. He and Paramount chose Industrial Waste Water Services (IWWS).

Meeting Limits Is Not Enough

Paramount’s primary concern was system performance for compliance. However, they wanted to do better. Beating the limits and cleaning the water further would provide greater water reuse.

Paramount Services, Inc. - Birmingham, AL
Products: Napkins, Grill Towels, Bar Mops (60%)
Linens (30%) - Uniforms (5%) - Mats (5%)
Gals / Day: 36,000 Flow Period (Hrs): 10 Days of Operation / Week: 5

Performance Data - (mg/L)

Raw Water
% Reduction
O & G

After visiting various installations of many different systems, George decided that the IWWS system was the best. Monitoring reports from the county and eliminating the surcharges prove he made a good decision.

Charles Dye, owner of Paramount, is happy as well:

“We have been very satisfied with the system. The county says it’s the best system they’ve seen.”

The IWWS system has greatly increased their water reuse. Paramount is now reusing 40%-45% of the treated water straight from the IWWS DAF without further treatment. George anticipates exceeding 50% reuse once additional testing is completed.

Small Footprint is Critical

Clean water by IWWSParamount was also concerned with the space required by the various systems. IWWS was the only supplier who could fit their system into the existing space. Any other supplier would have required an expensive addition to the facility.

Not only is the IWWS system smaller than the other systems, it does not require a large EQ tank. A 5,000 gallon surge buffer is the only equalization used at Paramount. The IWWS system has a footprint of 23’ x 8’ 6” and is only 9’ 4” high. The filter press occupies little additional space.

Simple Chemical Program

George also likes the simplicity of the IWWS chemical program. It does not use clay, sulphuric acid or proprietary chemicals. Paramount is free to purchase its chemicals from any supplier.

“I did have a system by another company that used clay and I didn’t like it. Anything you put into the water you have to take back out.”

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