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IWWSLLC is proud to introduce our newest representative for the northeast United States.
Bon Filtration is a manufacturer representative / distributor firm with more that 25 years experience in providing integrated solutions for process applications. Click the logo to see more.

Bon Filtaration

Industrial waste water systemIndustrial Waste Water Services, LLC has over 30 years experience successfully treating industrial wastewater. We guarantee to meet or exceed your discharge limits. Many industries can reuse water without further filtration or treatment.
  • State of the Art Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • Small Footprint/Low Installation Costs
  • Skid Mounted, Pre-Wired, Pre-Plumbed
  • Water Reuse Without Further Treatment
  • Meets or Exceeds Discharge Limits
  • Patented Heavy Metals Removal Process

Industrial laundry

Dissolved Air Flotation Unit in a Industrial Laundry

Industrial Waste Water Services provides Physical/Chemical Wastewater Treatment Systems to numerous industries: Beef Further Processing, Beef Processing, Boxboard Deinking, Dairy, Electrocoating, Ground Water Remediation, Industrial Laundry, Linen Supply, Meat Packing,  Mining, OSB Production, Petrochemical, Pork Processing, Poultry Further Processing, Poultry Processing, Powder Coating, Pulp and Paper, Tailings Pile Runoff, Tanker Deballasting, Textile Printing and Finishing, Textile Rental, Uniform Services, Uranium Removal, Waste Acid Processing, and Waste Chemical Processing.

Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a water treatment process that clarifies wastewaters (or other waters) by the removal of suspended matter such as oil or solids. The removal is achieved by dissolving air in the water or wastewater under pressure and then releasing the air at atmospheric pressure in a flotation tank or basin. The released air forms tiny bubbles which adhere to the suspended matter causing the suspended matter to float to the surface of the water where it may then be removed by a skimming device.

Dissolved air flotation is very widely used in treating the industrial wastewater effluents from oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas processing plants, paper mills, general water treatment and similar industrial facilities. A very similar process known as induced gas flotation is also used for wastewater treatment. Froth flotation is commonly used in the processing of mineral ores. In the oil industry, dissolved gas flotation (DGF) units do not use air as the flotation medium due to the explosion risk. Natural gas is used instead to create the bubbles.

Heavy Metal Removal
Our Continuous Metals Removal Process (CMR) removes all common metals to the parts per billion level in a continuous-flow process at flow rates up to and over 1,000 GPM. Oils, greases and other contaminants are removed in the same step.
Customer Success Story: Paramount Services Achieves Total Compliance with Industrial Waste Water Services
State of the Art Dissolved Air Floatation from Industrial Waste Water Services, LLC

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